It’s time to let go..

Today, I decided to let go of all my grudges. The feeling of not hating people anymore and starting out on a new slate feels… well I can’t really explain how it feels. I guess amazing sums it up pretty well. I usually don’t hold grudges, but it’s different if I knew these bad things were going to happen. People think that if someone says they are going to let go of a grudge, then they automatically forget about what happened. That’s not how it works. Letting go of a grudge means I’m always going to remember what happened, but I’m  just not going to hate you for it anymore. It also means that if you do it to me again, then I’m completely done with you and the grudge is being held again. I suggest people don’t do bad things so I don’t have to hold grudges. Thanks.


~ by myimaginationismylife on March 28, 2011.

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