It Keeps Bringing Me Back To You

Man, that would be a good name for a song. A song about love, life, and mainly, heartbreaks. I thought I was over you, I thought I was sure of it when you were being an asshole to me this weekend even though you didn’t realize you were doing it.. You know how I acted fine today, but I just couldn’t smile? It’s because you hurt me. You’re so damn confusing, but then again most guys are. I don’t know if you like me. If you don’t, then please stop leading me on.. Honestly, I would have been tearing up today, but I let all my cries out last night. Yeah, that’s right. I cried myself to sleep. I just silently lied in my bed, crying. Thinking of everything. Mostly you. Every time I hear the word “love”, without missing a beat, I instantly think of you. You’re the only guy that gives me butterflies. I get so nervous when I’m with you, you scare me. But in a good way. You scare me because I think I’ll never find a guy that suits me better than you do. You’re the one that means the most to me.


~ by myimaginationismylife on March 7, 2011.

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