I Was So Close…

Baby, I was just so close. So close to getting over you and moving on to another guy. You don’t understand how hard you’re making this for me. You say you don’t like me, but you act like you do. And texting me today telling me how beautiful I looked, I loved that. It was the best thing said to me all day. But it is killing me now because I don’t know what to do. Are you finally going to open up and tell me what I know you’re hiding? Or can I move on to the other guy. I still have feelings for you, but I have feelings for him too. He understands me and listens to what I say but still has something to say about himself. You.. You’re just worried about music and your friends even though you try to pay more attention to me. If I tell you something it’s just like your mind is somewhere else. You have a really short attention span and you’re too complicated for me to handle. It’s messing with my mind and my heart. I’m not gonna lie.. Even though I acted like everything was fine on Valentine’s day, it wasn’t. Because every time I saw you my heart sunk a little more. But I guess it’s time to debate on who I will choose. He laughs at what I say and likes talking to me. You pretty much ignore me and let our conversations go dead. I trust him more because he’s straight up about everything and he won’t lead me on like you have. I need that trust. So thanks for the confusion and the heartbreak, but I choose him.


~ by myimaginationismylife on February 16, 2011.

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